Tuesday, 3 November 2009

A long weekend

So it's been a few days since I posted here, had a few more thoughts about my project since though. I was sat in class today and thought more about how the character editor could relate to gameplay aswell as story. I was thinking that the editor could be based on some kind of labratory with the player experimenting on their character which leads into the story, I thought this could have a bit of shock value. So alongside this idea I thought the edits you make to your character could change the gameplay slightly, for example difficulty, you could leave your character un-editted and in good condition, but if he doesn't have any protection then the game will be almost impossible, then again if you cut parts off and stuck robot parts and genetically modified arms to your character then the game would be a lot easier, except the character would be unhappy and harder to control or please. I do like this extra level of effect instead of just having an 'avatar'.

I think I might hop into Zbrush shortly and do some mock-ups for my presentation next week. Real shame COD4:MW2 has to come out the same week as the presentations...

Had to put up pictures of stalkers (the game...) here too, very cool outfit designs.

Also I have been having some internal debate about using the words "avatar" which from what I've read means a self representation or an alter ego but I think if your not giving unlimited control to the user then it's not really an avatar, as even the slightly common trait in a character editor creates character. And what if I'm not wanting to create a character to represent myself, but a character to adhere to the story best, I wouldn't class that as an avatar.

Finally got a hold of a book I've been trying to get from the library for a month called "Better Game Characters by Design". Will be extremely helpful reading this.

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