Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Gigantic Log....

Ok so a lot to write about here. 2 weeks left *scream*. Yea so we finally got the lighting working really well, this is a screenshot from the realtime engine, looking really good so far. Had to mess around with numbers to set the lighting up for specular diffuse and occlusion. To use to fancy maya lighting which lets me just select a colour and brightness! Anyway you can see on this one it has a nice orangey light from the front, to give the lightbulb feel and a second blueish light from the back for this cold dark feel. Works really well contrasting each other, especially at side angles so you can see both lights.
The programmer managed to link everything up now so users can change clothing and textures etc. Also I uploaded more textures of the different outfits, for example below the nice green suit. Sticking to dull colours though. Tattoos turn on and off now as well.
Again just an example with the purple clothes. Tilted the camera up slightly also as I wanted the use to be 'looking down' on the character.
Had a bit of discussion about the buttons at the bottom of the design in the project supervisor meetings and I decided to scrap them and use them in another way. Wasnt feeling the UI to much there yet, was a bit messy and complex so I decided to redesign it slightly. As you can see its a bit more straight to the point, and is even more steampunkish. Will carry on adding extra detail into the background.
Quickly designed some Business cards and sent off for 200 of them. Pretty pleased with how they turned out. Nice and simple and showing my model well. Having trouble with the website at the moment, the hosting server isn't being cool so trying to get that fixed at the moment, fingers crossed ill have it ready in time.
Just the reverse side showing low poly.

The log... a lot to flip through but it just shows more back and forth with the programmer. Is a nice example of how things keep getting re-editted etc. Click and zoom to read properly.