Friday, 23 April 2010

Large Update...

Oh how time is ticking down very quickly... lots to show here though... If your reading the blog from down to up this section will be in the wrong order as confusing as that sounds.

So I discussed the editor with the programmer to see what could be done from the concept I posted earlier.Came up with a draft version which the programmer said would work quite well. I had to ensure that it was possible to get transparency into the engine, although you cant see it here theres a lot of tranparency involved in the UI. At the moment the buttons at the bottom seems to confuse people, it was meant to just be aesthetical but I may need to re-think them. After I got the go ahead from the programmer I did an update on the design:
Came up with a nice little logo design which I may use on other products such as the posters and the book which Ill talk more about shortly. Added a Start and Back button to the editor also, even though these buttons won't lead anywhere due to it just being a prototype it always helps to have them there.
Heres the actual engine running. 360 degree rotation and zoom working. You may notice that the sliders are missing here, thats because discussion with the programmer revealed that it might be more effort than its worth to add the sliders, but we'll see what happens. The lighting is still a strobe type light which Ill want changed as I think it would be better static, might try to persuade the programmer to add 2 lights or ill go down the baked lighting route. Ran some tests on some Uni machines too to make sure this will work at the degree show.Looks really nice from the back... well see when the UI is linked so we can actually change items. There are a few resolution issues at the moment, if you run this on a 16:10 screen it works perfectly, but if you run it on a 16:9 screen some of the buttons are a bit off. Going to try and make it all run full screen as well, mainly for degree short purposes.Nice feature where you can view the normals on the model, not for users obviously though!

Set up a DropBox recently as well, which is basically a cloud for storing and sharing files. It was too difficult sending files over hotmail, and was a bit stupid as well because you could only send 10mb files and the while editor is about 200mb... so yea... will post the exciting logs up here to show how were using it. Note: log changes appear every time someone uses the editor and a couple of other people were invited into the project to just take a look.

Had to post DropBox's image too, funny advertising is always the best.

Not the most exciting image in the world, but it shows how we use dropbox. Note it doesn't show when a file has been downloaded to be worked on.
I have been working on my book a lot recently too trying to get it done for professional practice and my degree show. Its going really well so far and will hopefully order it today, really looking forward to seeing it.Here is the front and back of the book, nice and simple. just sorted out a website domain called, nothing on the site yet but I began to design the logo which will be used on my book.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Discovered an awesome way to render wireframes.... sweeeeet.

Ok... so haven't posted on here for a little while as I've been working on the exciting dissertation stuff... mainly just reading lots and writing little... oh well it will come along shortly.

On a side note the editor is going really well.

Also added a few bits and bobs. Really like the mask.