Friday, 26 February 2010

Free Hat

Just a show that im finally working on the clothes, should be able to throw these together quite quickly now. Really need to get the wings done though, maybe slightly worried about the design and how they will fit together though.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

More Detail

Been working on my questionair some more so should have that up and running soon hopefully... not great at making them so will need to make sure its ok before i start firing it out.

Added some more detail to my character, might leave the body there for now and get to work on making the rest of his clothes/wings etc. Very pleased so far.

Monday, 22 February 2010


At last I managed to sort out the normal maps, took long enough, now I can really speed up my process. Baked out Ambient Occlusion maps and the normals and now I just have to paint on top of them. As soon as I've finished the painting which should just take a couple days I can start throwing out the characters clothes as these should be easy enough to model around him.

I also spent a good part of yesterday fixing the topology again, just making it a lot cleaner and spread out. The arms and hands are still a bit messy but I'm not going to worry to much about that as the renders are coming out fine and the character will be static, plus the tri count is under 10k which was my target in the first place.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Quick Post

Have lots more to show but meant to post this from last week quickly before class.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Major titles at the moment for research:

Character-user relationships.

“A player experiences the player-character at many levels while playing”

(Isbister, K. 2006)

Characters Effect on game play.

“For example, if the player thinks that the skateboarder on the screen is Tony Hawkes, then it may be harder for them to imagine themselves in the game instead.”

(Wood, Griffiths, Chappell, Davies 2004)

Player Agency, user control of game play.

“Character customisation is pointless ... unless it contributes to game play”

(Hartas, L. p50. 2005)

Might be better me actually showing problems in the render than just in the normal map so here goes:Looks ok here....
See how I'm getting lines from the normal map onto the model on the face, I really don't want this...

Here's a wire frame to give you an idea of the mesh.

Just an example of character renders so far: (just tests):

Normal Maps

Spent the last week really trying to sort out the normal maps from my model, been getting lots of artifacts etc which isn't what I want because I really want players to be able to zoom in quite close to the character.
(red circles errors in the normal map, don't want to get to technical but clearly something is wrong with the normal map cage).

Now I could make the poly-count 16000 polygons which might be worth doing, but 10k tris per model is the usual so if I can make this work I will. at (8474 tris at the moment which is nice, could maybe use some more around the head)


So I had my first meeting on Friday with my tutor (Inga) which was extremely helpful. Only posting up feed-back on it now because I don't have an internet connection in my flat (yes old school) which sucks, but I'll try to update this as much as possible.

So the model seems fine at the moment (I'll get into problems in a minute), but I really need to get back into research seen as I've probably working on my project as the major piece of work. What came up in discussion with Inga is the main problem with my work is that not much research has gone into it, making most things I come across so far biased in my own opinion, so I was given some good sites to begin making a good question-air to make sure my project isn't to biased. is where I will build my question-air as it is a good site for this, but I will also try to get users to use the site which will show how people perceive different games and if they would perfer them or not (debatable but it's a start). This will basically be an area to start my research into the public's opinion on character editors.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Posing and More Sculpting

Posing the character into the correct position.

Adding finer details like the spine and more to the face.