Thursday, 5 November 2009


I was reading about how gender effects game play and found this really interesting. This is where a character editor comes in extremely useful to make sure both sex's are happy. For example a lot of games are very orientated at male audiences, having sexy female Non-player characters for the players to 'fall for' such as in halo but nowadays the games industry is getting a far larged audience. I would like to incorporate the ability to choose a sex of character into my editor and I've got a few designs floating around in my head how I can go about doing this. Changing the sex of a character could have a large ripple effect on the rest of the game play though, maybe having to change story and love interests.

At the moment I've been working on my initial project proposal and should get most of it finished today. Will try and put up a list of tasks tomorrow just to give myself an online version to keep track of.

Anyway going to add another photo up here, I want to start showing should characters with a strong story behind them (lots of these in scrapbook but again just for an online reference):

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