Tuesday, 24 November 2009

End Credits

Hmm I watched the film gamer last night and in my twisted mind managed to relate it to my project. The film itself is as bad as you'd expect but the idea behind it is genius. It is set in the future with the public playing two games called Slayer and Society. Slayer is basically a FPS but instead of playing virtual characters you are controlling real people, ex cons on death row. I guess you couldn't get a game much more realistic than that. The society game was really cool, just like the Sims but again controlling real people that you wish to look like. These real people worked for the society game but were basically classed as prostitutes to the outside world. Anyway found this interesting.

Mistake in the trailer for the film, they say "the players are real people" whereas they clearly meant to say the characters or avatars are real people because obviously the players would be real people. I guess it depends on your take of the word "player"...

Also managed to pick up a good magazine about character design, the name escapes me for the moment but no doubt I'll reference it on here some point soon.

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