Thursday, 19 November 2009

Other design work...

Have been asked to make a poster for a Band Night, and thought I'd post it up it because I like the colour scheme I used and the simplicity of it all. Also had to quickly model a character for it which was good fun not having touched Maya in to long, been a bit busy with exciting research...

Small note that I noticed while looking closely is I used two different styles of red by mistake, my bad, maybe no one will notice.

As far as my anatomy work goes, I've been working on the hands at the moment... my weak point, but I'm getting the hang of it. Wish I had a scanner so I could post some of my sketches up... never mind lets see what Santa brings this Christmas.

I have been reading through a journal which talks about the concept of embodiment, basically what stance the player takes in relation to a character while playing the game. It's been hard trying to describe this to people so I'm lucky I came across those words because it makes life a lot easier.

Realised I wrote my proposal slightly wrong which is a bit worrying, needed a much larger bibliography, which I have but I got confused at what you actually need to put in it. Ah well we will see what feedback I get next week.

Have been doing a lot of research on dark and grungy basements, and also on a mutated angel type theme... hmm I'd be able to describe that a lot better in images than in writing.

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