Sunday, 27 December 2009

Ive been a bit busy to post on here recently. Have been filling my 3rd sketchbook with the final concepts so thats going quite well. Worried some of my designs for my characters for the character editor might look a bit kinky, but its difficult to link the character editor into the game by letting the character be experimented on without chains etc. I really have nice designs for steampunk wings etc too so I don't really want the character lying down or you cant see them. So for the moment I've got a kneeling stance which allows the player to have a full 360 degree veiw while building their character.

Anyway Santa gave me a scanner for Xmas so ill add some images of my sketches up here shortly that I've been working on.

Definatly looking forward to building these characters and editors, feels so different than everything else. The programmer is doing a good job so far and I might have some of that stuff to put up here soon aswell. Time for some photoshop painting...

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

More Steampunk

Had to post some more pictures up here, a bit addicted to some of it now.