Thursday, 18 March 2010

Chapter Headings

At my supervisor meeting the other day it was suggested I really get my chapters sorted out to help me in writing my dissertation.

- Title Page
- Abstract
- Contents
- Introduction
- Player Agency (illusion of user control during game play)
Uses of player agency
Effects of player agency

- Characters for Games
Design Process (visual vs non-visual)
Emotional Bonds
Character Story Relationships
Why are characters important?

- Customization in Games
Case Study feedback
Questionnaire feedback
Effects on character user relationship
Effects on story character relationship

- Conclusion
The results of character customization
What we may see in the future

- Appendix A: The Sims 3 Case Study
- Appendix B: Spore Case Study
- Appendix C: Fallout 3 Case Study
- Appendix D: Maybe APB Case study??
- Appendix E: Questionnaire and results

- Bibliography & References

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