Sunday, 14 March 2010

Been a little while

Not posted much up here for a little while. Been busy sorting out other things this last week such as the show reel for the fundraiser and the dare to be digital stuff. Also stumbled across a few problems on the programming side or the transfer side, we haven't worked out which yet, but in basic terms the textures and normals are back to front for some odd reason. Started modeling a few props etc for the background and I've been trying to get this eye-piece right because it just wasn't working how I wanted it.

Also I've been trying to sort out a questionnaire for my dissertation but it's been more difficult than I'd expected. Would of been a lot easier if I found one online which I could use, but now I have to make sure that it's up to high standards, which isn't easy. Currently in the progress of working out chapter headings so I can begin writing my dissertation one step at a time.

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