Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Major titles at the moment for research:

Character-user relationships.

“A player experiences the player-character at many levels while playing”

(Isbister, K. 2006)

Characters Effect on game play.

“For example, if the player thinks that the skateboarder on the screen is Tony Hawkes, then it may be harder for them to imagine themselves in the game instead.”

(Wood, Griffiths, Chappell, Davies 2004)

Player Agency, user control of game play.

“Character customisation is pointless ... unless it contributes to game play”

(Hartas, L. p50. 2005)

Might be better me actually showing problems in the render than just in the normal map so here goes:Looks ok here....
See how I'm getting lines from the normal map onto the model on the face, I really don't want this...

Here's a wire frame to give you an idea of the mesh.

Just an example of character renders so far: (just tests):

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