Wednesday, 21 October 2009

The following day...

Last night I took a step back and decided to start looking at a few different games again, will start making a list on here just to keep myself on track. Also had a talk with Inga about my project idea and it went well. Brought up the idea of actually creating a character editor for people to use, the idea sounds perfect but I'm not to sure how far I'd be able to take it. Would be far better than just having three characters on turntables. Will have a talk with some programmers (my brothers...) and see what they can suggest seen as my programming knowledge is zero. Also going to print off some 2D characters for my scrapbook, definitely an area worth looking at.

Game List: (character editors)

Fallout 3 (character editor is very smoothly introduced)
World of Warcraft (basically most MMORPG)
Skate (same comment as fallout 3)
Wii (avatar systems, similar with xbox)
Lots of sports games...

(strong story games)

Gears of War
Call of Duty 4
Final Fantasy
Dead Space (faceless character like master cheif, will look more into him)

That wiill do for now..

I forgot about Half life... how could I forget about Half Life? Sorry Gordon Freeman

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