Thursday, 22 October 2009

Early Morning Post

Just came in for a lecture this morning, so not to much to say so far on my project. Last night I did some more anatomy studies, feel like I'm really coming along strongly with these and learning tones from doing them. Wish I could redo my Life Drawing classes because I have a much stronger appreciation for them now. I am doing lots of life drawing from photos... but it's not really the same. Added some more 2D characters to my scrapbook last night, mario is a really interesting one because his design was based around large limitations which created the character in itself.

I also have been playing around a bit with fallout 3, maybe they were thinking along the same lines I am (though I should broaden my thought process)? So far my own opinion doing research is that characters need a strong history before even designing them, and this is hard to show when creating your own character (unless you create yourself but then maybe you don't belong)but Fallout 3 starts off with you being born, and you build up your own history which still might not fit perfectly into your appearence but you get the general idea.

On another note I've been reading the new Hitch Hikers guide to the Galaxy book and I completely forgot to mention the strength of characters in books and how they let the users know everything about the character but still make up their own image based on this in their heads. Maybe a lot to learn here? Or maybe I'm gonig off on a tangent because I'm not use to 9am starts.

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